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Be a Cunnilingus Master: How to Go Down On a Girl

Be a Cunnilingus Master: How to Go Down On a Girl

Everything You Need to Know About Going Down on Her, Revealed

Depending on your familiarity with the term and the sex act it describes, “cunnilingus” might sound incredibly daunting, or just plain hot.

Cunnilingus is a latin term for oral sex performed on a vagina. Typically, that means on a woman, but it can also be on a non-binary person who was assigned female at birth, or a transgender person with a vagina.

What Is Cunnilingus?

So what does that entail, exactly? Well, like any sex act, it sort of depends on the two people involved.

There are certain actions and moves that are more common, but the important thing is that you and the person you’re going down on are on the same page in terms of what feels good. Things that feel incredible to one person might feel uninteresting – or even painful – to another partner. The only way to know for sure is to talk to each other and try things out.

But in short, cunnilingus is typically focused on one partner licking the other person’s clitoris – or rather, the clitoral head, which is located directly above the vagina. Just in terms of what you can do with your mouth, it can also involve sucking on the clitoris, sucking on or licking the labia minora, or inserting your tongue into your partner’s vaginal opening.

Why Is Cunnilingus Important?

Thought experiment: Imagine a woman rubbing your testicles against her clitoris until she climaxes. Then she turns to you in a post-coital fog of pleasure and says, “Was that good for you, too?”

There’s a pretty good chance that’s never happened to you, but it’s not a completely alien concept to women, many of whom are used to sex being about a guy’s pleasure first and foremost – or in some unfortunate cases, exclusively about the guy’s pleasure. The upshot of that is that the central pleasure location on a woman’s body – the clitoris – still gets ignored by many guys. Continue reading “Be a Cunnilingus Master: How to Go Down On a Girl”

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